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Mounting Bracket for Full-Sized Bat Houses

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Mounting Bracket for our full-sized bat houses.


Back to Back Mounting Bracket for our full-sized bat houses.  Holds one or two bat houses on one pole.  This is for our full-sized, assembled, unfinished or fully finished bat houses.  This bracket will NOT fit our bat house kit.

This bracket is designed specifically to fit our bat houses and provides for easy mounting of 1 or 2 of our bats houses on a single 2" ID Schedule 40 pole. We've solved the "how to" of mounting on a metal pole with this bracket. The closed top of the bracket ensures you will never come out to find your bat houses sitting on the ground still around the pole. The lock nut prevents spinning keeping your bat houses facing in the desired direction and the lower stabilizing ring prevents swinging in the wind making your bat houses stable.

Instructions and necessary bolts, nuts and washers are included.  For use with a 2" ID Schedule 40 Metal "Black" pipe (usually available at plumbing supply locations).  



SHIPS FREE with purchase of any full-sized bat house when shipped at the same time.