Four Chamber Nursery Bat House - Finished - BCI and MTBC Certified

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Four Chamber Nursery Bat House - BCI Certified

This four chamber bat house is built to meet and exceed all 10 of Bat Conservation International (BCI) certification requirements.  We've taken great effort to create a completely finished, durable, practical and easy to install bat house. Has a small chamber at the top for birthing bats.
Now approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation (MTBC).

Featuring an Integrated Mounting Cleat for easy hanging!

Watch as we build a four chamber bat house:

We use high quality building materials:  exterior grade ACX plywood, weatherproof fasteners, a 50 year polyurethane adhesive caulk, and two coats of premium, self priming exterior water-based paint.  All interior surfaces have cut grooves giving bats a permanent gripping texture that will never come loose and entangle or injure the bats.  Internal baffles are spaced 3/4" apart; the research based, bat preferred spacing.  The roof is painted with a complimentary 10X deck paint to improve appearance, durability and solar heating.

Includes a complete manual that covers where and how to install your bat house for the best chance of success.  Select from 3 different colors, based upon the average (July) high temperatures for your area.  If your average July temperature is 84 degrees or less, please go back to "Finished Bat Houses" and select a cold weather bat house.

Made in the USA

     Dimension:  H 31" x W 20" x D 6.25"
     Weight:   28 lbs.
     Bat Capacity*:  about 350 to 400
     Cubic Inches of Roosting Space:   1000


*We attempt to be honest with our estimates allowing approx 3 cubic inches for each bat. This includes an allowance for unused space since the bats will not pack the house top to bottom. Some species will crowd in very tightly, others will not.  Here's the math: "Cubic Inches of Roosting space / 3 Cubic Inches = estimate of capacity".



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  • 5
    Very Roomy House for Expanding Colony

    Posted by Jen L on 2nd Jul 2021

    Let me start by saying I have ordered from this company previously and was pleased with the bat house I purchased then, as I am now with my most-recent purchase. I bought another house because the bat colony I have had for several years, continues to expand. The craftsmanship on each bat house I have purchased is exceptional. The bats have found them quickly and appear content because the colony expands each year when they return. Shipping was prompt and the houses were packaged to ensure damage-free delivery.

  • 5
    Great bat house

    Posted by on 7th Jan 2021

    Product came well wrapped and in about ten days. Product was very well constructed, and accompanied by complete installation instructions. I mounted it way up high, on the side of my house. I painted it to match the color of my house. After a couple of weeks, still have not seen any bats, but it is winter here in Tucson.

  • 5
    New bat House

    Posted by Jake on 2nd May 2019

    We just got this bat house and mounted it in an area as stated. I mounted it to a 4x4x20' post prior to putting it up. Mounting went smooth and setting the post equally as smooth. The house looks great and blends in even though its in a clearing in our back yard. We just put it up in December so we're still waiting for some inhabitants, but we've just started seeing them around the house and seeing as spring is coming it's only a matter of time. I sent an email to ask some additional questions and called and both times I received prompt and courteous information. Would recommend the seller for this point alone. I have no complaints except that I put it up in the winter.

  • 5
    Our bats LOVE this house

    Posted by Bob Chapin. Southeastern CT on 12th Sep 2017

    We have a barn which has three bat boxes on the west side. This past Spring I removed the oldest house and replaced it with this new 4-chambered condo. It took the bats a month or so to detect the change, but once they found it, word quickly spread. We do bi-weekly emergence counts for our state Dept. of Environ. Protection, and we often have 50-60 bats coming out of the new house, and 1 or 2, or no, bats coming from the others. An additional time-averaged measure of occupancy if the size of the guano piles beneath each house; the new one has by far the largest pile beneath it. The previous respondents’ comments about “do all the prep work first and THEN haul this monster up the ladder” are spot on. I hung it from a rope, and it made it MUCH easier to manhandle two stories into the air. The hanging cleat is WONDERful. All in all, I give this 6 stars out of 5.

  • 5
    Very Nice.

    Posted by Roger on 11th Jul 2017

    The bat house was very well made and I received it in a very reasonable time. Now I just need them to use their new home.

  • 5
    Excellent quality bat house

    Posted by Don on 20th Mar 2017

    I've finally managed to realize my dream of having a place for bats to call home that I've provided. I'm in a location that meets all of the criteria for being successful in attracting bats so it's with great optimism that I purchased this bat house. I have to say that the quality exceeds my expectation and no doubt once it's discovered by the local bats it will easily meet their requirements as well. Now, the wait begins for word of the new home to spread with the breeze, prospective occupants performing inspections and discovering that indeed luxury accommodations have been provided and there are vacancies to fill! The local mosquitoes will soon find a new sheriff is in town, who takes no prisoners!

  • 5
    Best bat house EVER

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2017

    We live in the mountains of north Georgia and had a single chamber bat house that has been inhabited every year since we put it up. This past year we had a bat winter in the house and wanted to encourage that so we started looking for an additional bat house. After much research and reading reviews we went with the four chamber nursery bat house from Habitat For Bats and could not be more pleased. This bat house is incredibly well constructed and is truly awesome!!! We had added a special request on the comment section and were thrilled when the house arrived and was exactly what we had asked for. The instruction booklet was quite helpful and well detailed. I called with a question about the bats themselves and had a wonderful conversation the woman at Habitat For Bats who was very helpful and knowledgeable. We put the bat house up as soon as it arrived and are pleased to say the bats love their new home as much as we do! Hoping when spring arrives there will be even more new residents! Thank you Habitat For Bats!!!

  • 5
    Great bat house !

    Posted by Tom Clindaniel on 16th Jun 2016

    The house is awesome ! On time and very well built. It will house many bats for the rest of my lifetime !!

  • 5
    Everything as described

    Posted by Rick Garman on 15th Jun 2016

    The bat house appears to be very well constructed and was finished well too. Everything was as described on the website. The included installation instructions were thorough and the website videos were also helpful. Very thankful that you include the cleat to help hold the bat house in place while doing final installation. I don't know how I would have managed w/o the cleat. 28 pounds doesn't seem that heavy...until you are 12 feet in the air trying to wrangle with a large bat house! Now looking forward to the local bats discovering the new bat house and making it their home.

  • 4
    Great Bat house

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2015

    Great Bat house. Excellent workmanship and design. Have not installed yet. Only problem is the French cleat has a crack that runs the length (along grain of wood).

  • 5
    GREAT Four Chamber Bat House!

    Posted by Vernon on 10th Apr 2015

    Just received house but not yet installed. I am very impressed with the design, quality and workmanship of this four chamber house. Looking forward to installation and accommodation of hundreds of bats. I did an extensive internet survey prior to purchase and am convinced this is the BEST commercial bat house available.

  • 5
    Don't be intimidated by a bigger bat house- This is the one to get!

    Posted by Jose on 13th Mar 2015

    At first I was concerned that this would be too big but after installing it on the south-west side of my two-story home, I knew I made the right choice. From the ground it looks so small and I knew a smaller house would have looked tiny in comparison! I know I made the right decision because this house would provide more opportunities to provide a nice home for my new neighbors! Quality- The Balls have paid a lot of attention to the quality and details on these houses. Don't believe me? Watch all their youtube videos. You'll be convinced these folks have set the standards really high and you'll be measuring every other house on the market to their bat houses. I'm convinced you will be back and make your purchase here. Ordering/Delivery- Just as I expected, no problem. UPS delivered it to my front door intact. Prep- Make sure you do most of your work on the ground and not up on the ladder. My stud finder didn't really do a good job of helping me locate the studs but the nails in the wall helped me to locate the studs. Pre-drill the marked drill locations if you're going mount on 16 inch/centers of your studs. Note: You may need a longer drill bit because the pre-marked drill spot is too close to the bottom of the house and I couldn't get my drill straight because the face of the house was in the way of the drill chuck. Alternatively, just move your drill spot a little lower. Installation - Once the cleat was installed, the rest of the work was easy. I pre-drilled into the studs and secured the house with some lag bolts. There is only one mounting cleat. There isn't one for the bottom of the house. The house does not sit perpendicular to the wall. Small tilt forward but not a big deal. Would have liked to have included some suggestions or recommendations on which hardware to use in the instructions. For my hanging scenario, I gave the HD guy the specs and we came up with toggle bolts or some of those wall anchors that open in the back. I ended up using the toggle bolts. Not that I recommend you do this too, but I had to double-check I hit the studs. I would never be able to sleep at night thinking this thing may fall one day because I didn't install it correctly and have a house full of bats fall to the ground from so high up. After climbing in the attic and finding the studs, all is good! Now waiting for my new neighbors to move in and enjoy their new home. PS. Just in case - I will be caulking my house up tight just to make sure they don't think about roosting in my attic too!

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