Three Chamber Bat House - Assembled

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Three Chamber Bat House - Assembled with Textured, Painted Roof


We have listened to our customers.  This three chamber bat house is the same as our kit but it is assembled and has a textured, painted roof.  All roof panels are caulked both internally and externally to seal out the weather. We realize that you may not want a brown bat house so this one is ready for you to paint according to your zone.  As usual, all interior surfaces have roosting grooves - no mesh to entangle bats.

Includes a bat house manual that tells you how to select a shade of paint to finish the bat house and how to find the perfect location to hang your new bat house.

No need for additional mounting bracket as this bat house has pre-drilled hole for mounting.

Of course, our bat house is approved by Bat Conservation International (BCI) and approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation (MTBC).


Availability is limited.




     Dimensions:  H 28" x W 18" x 4.5 D "

     Weight:   13 lbs.

     Bat Capacity*:   about 150 to 220 (depending on the species)

     Cubic Inches of Roosting Space: 660


*We attempt to be honest with our estimates allowing approx. 3 cubic inches for each bat. This includes an allowance for unused space since the bats will not pack the house top to bottom. Some species will crowd in very tightly, others will not.  Here's the math: "Cubic Inches of Roosting space / 3 Cubic Inches = estimate of capacity".