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NEW! Educational Bat Playing Cards

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1.00 LBS
$3.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

NEW!     Educational Bat Playing Cards


Our Educational Bat Playing Cards are a limited edition deck that features custom fronts, backs and wild cards.  A must have for the bat enthusiast or anyone looking for a unique set of playing cards.  Each deck features custom selected bats, the common names, the Latin names and basic information about the bats.  This deck of 54 playing cards includes four suits based on background colors that are ranked from ace (high) to two (low) and two "wild or joker" cards (a bat house and a horned owl). 

This deck of cards gives classic card games like Go Fish, Old Maid and Crazy 8s a batty twist.   Game play instructions are included.


  • Educational yet functional as a standard card deck
  • 4 different background colors representing the suits, 13 different bats representing the books and 2 wild cards
  • Bat themed game play instructions
  • Limited edition
  • Made in the USA


Ships via USPS/other carrier or can be included with other products ordered.