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Mounting Bracket for Unfinished and Finished Kit

  • A simple bracket designed for any single hole top center mount bat house. The "wings" serve to shed water away from the pole and provide a backing to keep 1 or 2 bat houses from wobbling on the mount. The lower center ring secures the landing boards at the bottom of the bat house(s) to prevent them from swinging or moving excessively in the wind.  There is a lock bold on the top to secure the bat house(s) in the direction needed so they will not spin. The closed top design assures your bat house will never slide down the pole to the ground if the lock bolts loosen.
  • Side view of the bracket installed between two of our bat house kits.
  • Side view showing the bottom ring installed between two bat house kits.
  • Using a 5/16" bit, drill your hole here on each bat house kit to be installed. This is where the bottom ring will secure.
  • Bottom ring installed on a bat house kit, front view. This small nut and bolt will not disturb the bats or cause them any issues.
  • Top view of the bracket installed between two kits. Note how the bracket's simple design keeps the bat houses solid and in place.
  • Side view of two bat house kits on a pole using this bracket.
  • Full side view of two bat house kits on a pole using this bracket.
  • Side view of top bracket installed on pole with lock nut visible.
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About this Batty Item


Mounting brackets for our bat house kits.


Back to Back Mounting Bracket for our bat house kits.  With this bracket you can easily mount one or two bat house kits on one schedule 40 steel pole.  This bracket is for our kits or any bat house that requires a single centered top hole mount and includes a landing board. For the bottom ring stabilizer, a 5/16" hole must be drilled in the landing board. 

The simple design is effective and keeps the cost of production low. The "wings" on top shed water away from the pole but primarily provide a stabilizing back for our bat house kit to prevent wobbling. By having a top on the bracket instead of a pass through you will never come out to find your bat houses on the ground while still on the pole. This covered top prevents slippage if the lock bolt ever loosens. The lower stabilizer ring prevents the bat house(s) from swinging in the wind.

Instructions and necessary bolts, nuts and washers are included.  For use with a 2" ID Schedule 40 Metal "Black" pipe (usually available at plumbing supply locations).  



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  1. good design and made it easy hooking my bat house to a 2" pole 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2020

    If you pole mount your house this kit is the ticket!

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